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Simple setup here, 2-tuner Tablo, Roku2 XS, all wired. Only view recordings via the Roku, or once in a while through the PC. No remote access. Have had the Tablo since April 2014. A few hiccups here and there, but has been very dependable. Using a 1TB WD drive, set to auto-delete recordings. I use the legacy Roku app - Preview app is getting better, but a little slow on my 2XS.

I have two Roku 2’s, and one Stick. All devices were purchased less than two months ago primarily for SlingTV and to record the occasional prime time show. I have had some issues with the latest firmware, but a simple reboot of the Tablo has seemed to improve performance. That’s not to say there isn’t the occasional LPW error, or long delay after FF, but I haven’t had any forced reboots of my Rokus, and like I said, for the most part everything is working fine.

There, that having been said, I’d love to see Nuvyyo start focusing more on creating the best possible product they can, and stop trying to please everyone all the time, as the old saying goes. Nuvyyo is a small company, and a relatively new company at that. Tablo is an ingenious idea, but unfortunately, it’s biggest downfall is and always will be it’s reliance on third party hardware to work. With minimal resources, they should take their product and try and optimize it for the top 1, or 2 streaming devices out there, namely Roku and Apple TV.

Not that Tivo is perfect either, but they, like Directv, Dish, Comcast, Timewarner, etc… use their own hardware for playback, recording and streaming to single, or multiple devices. Nuvyyo is spreading itself too thin trying to support too many devices in an effort to maximize profit. Again, if they focused on fewer supported devices, they could put their resources to better use and ensure the best product and user experience on the market. New businesses make mistakes, we all do, we’ll just have to wait and see where they go from here.

I have a 2 tuner Tablo, And Roku 3 all hard wired purchased about 9 months ago. I’ve had quite a few issues with both Roku and Tablo. If I were to do this again I’d probably not buy a Tablo at this time. It just does not meet our need of a simple DVR. We’ve come from satellite TV PVRs and a MythTV system before Tablo, both of which were considerably less aggravation for our family.

At this point I’d rather have a device that captures video raw and connects directly to a TV over HDMI. This setup now just has too many moving parts to make it work simply.

If you are really close to the towers, you probably want to consider an omni-directional antenna. Sometimes being close means that the towers are at different bearings from you. Check out for a listing of available OTA signals and their relative bearing.

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I have a 4 tuner tablo and three Roku 3’s, all hardwired. I stuck with the 2.1.30 firmware and have zero issues whatsoever. Call me conservative, but, I won’t update firmware until it has been out for at least thirty days. This has saved me from a lot of potential headaches.

With that said, I reconfigured my network with a 16 port smart switch to keep network traffic off of my wireless router. Everything hooks up to the smart switch, with the wireless router only providing internet connectivity to the switch. This configuration is rock solid and keeps as much network traffic as possible off of my wireless router. On the switch, all of my devices communicate directly with each other across the switch (unless they need something from the internet). This setup has worked really well for me, it has really made me think about minimizing the number of “hops” my network traffic was having to make.

If you are seeing a lot of the “loading please wait” message, maybe you could try a switch big enough to handle all of your wired ethernet connections. It might help. If you are using wireless, you have my condolences . . .

Check out Pluto TV - on Android now, coming to Roku

I’ve tried it. I don’t use it a lot, but if I can’t find something I want to watch (a lot harder than I originally thought when cutting the cord) I check it out. The interface is a little clunky and the channels aren’t perfect for my taste, but I think it is a great product.


Sounds interesting

Whats the brand/model of the 16 port switch you are using ?



I like to “keep” and I just have a 1TB drive on my Tablo (frees up space). I record a lot of TV.

Let me also add, that my wife likes to “binge” watch shows… and you can binge watch a bit easier on Plex.

Nothing fancy, just a D-Link DGS1016A, $70 or so at Amazon. My home networking gear was getting old, so I also added a “D-Link Wireless AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router (DIR-880L)” to get me out of the wireless stone age . . .

Thought about trying a different brand of networking equipment, but, I have never had a bit of trouble with D-Link gear. So I played it safe and stayed with a brand that had worked for me in the past.

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I am a cord cutter and I have a very robust setup although not 4k. I’m all 1080P. Eight Rokus and eight televisions. I would be more concerned about the Roku 4 than Tablo. I just got into Tablo and while not perfect it’s pretty darn solid. I would suggest you buy one Roku 3 and one Roku 4. Lots of complaints about the Roku 4 right now. I was prepared to buy one for my primary television and after reading all the issues I decided to wait.

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Thank you

I have two 4-tuner Tablos with two Rokus and two FireTVs. I have absolutely no issues with the FireTVs. I don’t use the Rokus, my husband does. The only issue he has is the Roku FF/reboot issue. Remember that on a forum like this, many of the posts will be from people having problems. Those not having problems don’t usually jump on board to post that everything is working fine. That doesn’t mean those problems reported are not legitimate - just that they may not be as universal as they seem here.

I pull things from Tablo and into Plex when I want to sync them onto my tablet for offline viewing. That allows me to watch shows on my tablet when I am away from home and have no Internet connection. I used to watch everything from Plex when I had a Windows Media Center PC, but now that Tablo streams to all my devices, I only need Plex for offline viewing.

I think perhaps we non-tech-savvy folks are having an easier go of it than those with more sophisticated set-ups & equipment? I’ve had only basic cable for years, never a dvr, and I bought my Tablo so I could ditch my VCRs. Yes - VCRs. I’ve always recorded my favorite shows to watch whenever I please.

Equipment: My router is just over a year old, and I bought two Roku 3s earlier this year, before learning of Tablo or cord cutting, so part of the investment was already made. Before ordering my Tablo, I tried a few indoor antennas on one of my tvs & settled on the Mohu Leaf 50. I’m in a small Tennessee quasi-city, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of reception & number of OTA channels. I ordered the Tablo 4 and the recommended WD Elements 2T hard drive. The antenna is direct connected to the Tablo, and the Tablo to the router. For me, installation was a breeze. I didn’t even have to call over the neighbor kid to do it.

In about 3 months, I’ve experienced only a few glitches - nothing major. I use my iPhone 6+ to schedule recordings, and I watch Tablo via the original Roku channel. And so, respectfully, I submit that if this LilOleLady can make it work, other non-tekkies can too. It seems that most reported problems are in households with installations significantly more complex than mine.


see Pluto TV coming to Roku thread and follow link. They added more channels.

I have a really complex setup and Tablo is working great for me.

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I have a 4-tuner Tablo
3- Roku 3s
1- Roku 2
1- Roku 1

I have had little trouble out of the Tablo. When I did have trouble, the support team has been very responsive.

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I’ve been doing the setup for almost a year.

3 - Roku 3s
Tablo 4 Tuner
Sling TV
Verizon FIOS Local Cable only with HBO for free

Cost me a total for everything (which includes internet connection) above $97 a month and I have gotten to watch every show that I like.

Pre ordered 2-tuner tablo
Roku 1

I’ve had some issues recently
-Roku reboots after FFW
-Roku LPW for 5-10seconds+, though form what I hear some people have it a LOT worse
-Roku chirps after commercial breaks (going to replace it with a Nexus Player)
-Some phone updates weren’t compatible with Samsung, they worked through it, more than once.
-The interface is somewhat slow

I’ve had some broken promises:
-Surround sound on the “short term” roadmap. I got used to living with 2.0

The staff is very responsive, which is a huge plus.

Overall I’d say I’m more happy with Tablo than not, but it’s no where near perfect.

Am I glad that I got it when I did? Yes.
Would I get it again, knowing what I know now? Doubt it.

I suspect that your use of a Roku 1 may explain some of the problems you are experiencing. Others may have thoughts about this.