Second Thoughts

seeing what is going on here is a pause for concern for me. i will be cutting the cord and thought Tablo was the way to go, but reading all the issues is a concern for me.

What is the break down between actual users and those having issues to the point it (the Tablo) is not working at all…? My general rule is 10% if you sell or sold 10000 Tablos I would expect 1000 to have issues or even less, all I’m reading here is negative feedback it is concerning !!

I pretty much had it all planned out with the Tablo and 3 Roku4 units… now I’m not sure.

Yes I have looked into the Tivo but the cost is high in comparison, I have a sling box and I like being able to take my TV with me, but with the Tivo there is an additional cost for that too.

I really like what the Tablo is supposed to offer so I’m just curious how bad is it really…?



Did you say Roku 4 units? Those are def overkill for the Tablo, no need for 4K.

Many like the Nexus Player and you can get them at $50 a piece from Best Buy on sale.

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Should we sound off?

I have two Roku 3’s on Wifi
Two iPads
Two iPhones
a Mac mini
a MacBook Pro
4 Tuner Tablo hard wired

My issues have been VERY minor to date. My only warning to people is that chanel surfing on a Tablo isn’t a good experience, if you have antenna to each of your TV’s that may not be an issue.

I have:
-2 Tuner Tablo, WiFi
-Nexus Player, WiFi,
-Shield TV, WiFi
-TP-Link Archer C7 Router

I hardly have any issues with Tablo, other than extended wait times for Live TV tuning (I don’t channel surf so it doesn’t affect me), and some minor software quirks. I can stream any recording on the 10mbps highest quality setting with less than about 3 seconds loading at any time, never any unexpected loading mid-playback.

The Roku platform has some issues with the current firmware, so as @theuser86 mentioned, you might want to pick up a Nexus Player or Fire TV to see how it performs on another platform before making a call on whether it is a good fit for you. I would recommend Tablo unless you spend the majority of your time on Live TV.

Thanks for the replies so far !!

Yes Roku 4’s as I have multiple 4k TV’s

I currently don’t own any media streaming devices…

I Will have the Tablo unit hard wired also.
I own 2 mac minis and 1 is the plex server
macbook pro

I don’t channel sure either so that is not a concern for me. I have Directv and the Genie is so friggin slow so kinda used to it !!! LOL

I do like the 4k support form Roku so that is kind of where I’m heading but I’m not going to pull the trigger until things are smoother.

I do prefer to record the shows and fast forward through the commercials. Live would be news and sports…

I can also be more detailed. I was also looking at the ATV but again there is no 4K support i kinda want to look towards the future since I already own the TV’s

i have Amazon Prime and ATV doesn’t have a channel. I do like Apple products but I’m not locked into their content.

My TV’s are smart TV i guess I could use amazon on the smart TV and use another device to stream the rest not sure yet…

The new Apple TV does NOT have 4K support, as you likely know. (Probably next year, of course :wink: )

The new FireTV DOES, in fact, have 4k support, but only up to 30 fps, and will NOT support the upcoming HDR Video.

The NVIDIA Shield TV, which I own, also supports 4K @ 60fps, and also supports HDR video, so it’s quite future-proof, moreso than any other box.

I should also mention the new Roku 4 supports 4K @ 60fps, and will eventually support HDR video. You probably already knew this, but I would be remiss to leave it out.

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According to the CEO:
We have identified several symptoms that may or may not be related:

  1. Roku recordings menu erroneously returning ‘No recordings’ when there are recordings available for viewing
  2. Applications not syncing with Tablo correctly
  3. Very long loading times for Roku screens (Recordings, Guide…)
  4. On Roku delays in starting playback, delays during playback, or delays with FF/REW all with “loading “ message
  5. Missed Recordings (recordings are stored to disk but do not appear in the Recordings screen)

These symptoms are currently only affecting a small proportion of our customers, but the number of affected customers is growing.

Just wanted to make sure you had seen this. Personally, I have three roku units and a hardwired system and have had none of the problems that I read about daily. But I do believe there are Tablo users in this community with real problems - both with the Tablo itself and otherwise.

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1 Tablo 2 Tuner (for about a year)
1 Roku 2 (old TV with no HDMI)
1 Roku 3
2 Apple TV (3rd and 4th gen)
4 iPads in the house
3 Macs
2 Windows boxes

To be honest, I was a bit frustrated with some of the issues with the 2.2.2 firmware release, but things seem to be working fine now.

The Tablo was the critical component to cutting the cord.

I rarely watch live TV any more. Being able to time shift however I want, fast forward through the commercials, pause to let the dogs out makes the Tablo very well worth the initial cost and the sub cost for the Tablo.

I sort of regret that I went two tuner, but hey, I can catch up using Hulu, Amazon, Netflix on what I miss.

As a long time pro developer, I have some sense of the frustrations of the Tablo developers as well as those of the unhappy consumers. When you are talking between a lot of devices over a lot of different bandwidths (wired, gigabit ethernet, g or n Wi-Fi…) things can quickly get complex. But when it looks like 50% of recorded shows look like they were disappearing down the rabbit hole (as they were for me for 2.2.2) it’s easy to get discouraged as a user.

Would I recommend the Tablo to a non-tech savvy household?


Too many people don’t make sure they have enough signal via their antenna (at the point they are going to put the Tablo) or they have a marginal connection from their Tablo to their hub which when you get several streams being served at a time can cause some really bad issues.

To a tech savvy household?

Assuming they have a good signal, absolutely.

Yeah Kinda been doing my homework LOL Thanks !! I like the Roku more mainstream I guess…

Yeah I have read this along with all the rest of it LOL. If it is only a small portion of the users it is gone happen technology is not perfect !! But I do want it to work when i nee it though.

I have also read that the Beta FW for the tablo is finding these recordings so I guess that is a step in the right direction.

OH along with the Roku it is nice I can use my harmony remote !! have the entire Media set up

Im pretty Tech savvy !! my home network Intranet is pretty solid but i do get the rest as far as antenna placement hardware and also software versions running on different devices. Since its only me in the house for the most part I only need to please me HAHA.

in all honesty where my house is located I could probably use a coat hanger to get all the channels since all the towers are really close to me. All but the Christian TV station no big loss there.

there… Angry spouse problem solved. :grinning:

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Yeah got rid of her last year !!!

xxx ccc xx cc

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My family has been very pleased with our Tablo 2 tuner. My Tablo is hard wired and my Roku 3’s are all WiFi.

We take shows off the Tablo to our Plex using SurLaTablo for “permanent” storage/retrieval.

We like it. And I do watch live TV every once and awhile from my phone (remotely over LTE). No problems.

Aereo was good, but SCOTUS killed it due to lack of knowledge. Now I have Tablo, and am pretty happy, I’m just a bit too far from the major antenna in the area, so there are a couple of channels I don’t get (well)… that will be fixed probably by the beginning of the year or so.

I like the spirit and community here… and I like the focus on streaming…

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Anyone who wants to turn this thread into an argument, please take this advice


I have the 4 tuner, everything wireless all 5zGHz. Roku 4 on AC while the rest are G / n. No problems since beta 2.2.7 beta 2.

Add me to the list of pleased customers. I gave up on Chromecast working and grabbed 2 more Nexus Players for $25 each on Target clearance. Best decision.

Android TV platform is awesome, just wish there were more apps (Prime Video, Watch ESPN, etc.). Very little problems in the past few months. There were some problems, but they seem to be getting fixed.

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Thats great to hear the good stories !!

cjcox i will pretty much have the same set up just different Roku units. I have read that people are taking their recording off the Tablo and placing them into PLEX which I do run at home, but why save the recordings to PLEX is there a quality decision? I just watch and delete… not sure the benefit there can you explain…?

philsoft pretty much the way I would use mine as well except live news and sports other then that primary watching recorded shows.

beastman I spoke with you about my initial set up and you reassured me my network would handle it so no worries there, much appreciated !


I use PLEX as a storehouse for my Home Theater. I like to have a library of so many different types of content, PLEX is the answer for me. And I never watch live TV except the news, so having a fully automated system which grabs all the TV content I like and sends it to my PLEX, via Tablo Ripper and MCEBuddy, with commercials removed is the best. I watch what I feel like watching when I feel like watching it. An as I do use my home theater alot, you might be surprised how much better the experience is then watching TV on a TV. TV almost approaches the theater experience most of us enjoy when it’s on “the big screen” as they use to say.


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