Second Site Buffering Issues

Hello All:

My first post.

My Tablo works great in MN but not so much when we stream to AZ. Tons of buffering issues. Loading speeds @ both locations exceed 25 down and 11 up. WIFI in both locations with incoming overall speeds >125. New equipment at both sites (brand new in AZ). New TV in MN and 3 years old in AZ.

Very frustrating to try to watch as the buffering in AZ starts after 2 minutes of video and lasts 5-8 seconds with video for 15-30 seconds and then more buffering.

I have adjusted the settings and that only helps a bit. The only thing I have NOT tried is a direct connect from the Tablo to the router at both locations.

Ideas anyone???


What remote playback device? Fire TV?


Yes, the Amazon Fire Stick. I don’t know of other options to using this device at this time. But perhaps there have been some others that Tablo has certified.


While watching Live TV through my Tablo Dual (using the Tablo Preview application), I have experienced some buffering issues using a Fire TV stick (2nd generation). But a Fire TV 4K stick
(which has a more powerful processor) connected to the same television does not buffer, nor does a TCL Roku television or a Roku Ultra streaming box. All my devices are ethernet-connected, so not a wifi issue for me if buffering is encountered. If you have a 1st or 2nd generation Fire TV stick (not the 4K model), this might apply in your situation too.

Thanks for your response!

Very frustrating to say the least. The one thing I have not tried is connecting devices with an ethernet cord. Think I need to do that. I am unsure of the Fire Stick version that I have (purchased last Fall) but I do have the latest version of ROKU Ultra. But, I was of the understanding that it was necessary to have the Fire Stick and that Tablo would not work “standalone” with ROKU?


I have the Apple TV4K and for 1 year I was trying to use the WIFI on the Tablo Dual lite; this was because the router and the device are in the same room; but last weekend I plugged in the hard line ethernet to the Tablo device and like magic - no more buffering. The difference is night and day… Tablo team needs to get the word out more about the weaknesses on the WIFI on the Dual Lite.

Thanks for listening - DEFINITELY plug in the ethernet.

Its not the Tablo, probably the weak LAN coverage of your router. But you found one solution. :grinning:

@Curt66- definitely try wired connection from Tablo to router to see if buffering is reduced or eliminated. You could also try wired connection using your Roku Ultra to eliminate wifi buffering issues. Even at 100 mbps, wired connections usually beat out wifi connections for video streaming. Just install the Tablo application on your Roku from the Roku Channel Store.