Seasons Tabs & inconsistencies between platforms

I use my Tablo on a iPad, a Fire Stick and a Roku. All three of them are very different from each other when it comes to searching through recorded episodes of a series. When I use my iPad, each season has its own tab so it is easy to jump to episode 7 of season 9. On the Fire Stick, I have to scroll through every episode of 8 seasons to get to that particular episode in season 9. On the Roku, I have to scroll through them all also, but it starts with the last season recorded and works it’s way down to the first. If I am watching a 9 season series sequentially, I have the same problem getting to season 1 episode 1. Add to this the fact that on the Roku, while the seasons go from last to first, the individual episodes go from first to last in each season, which is counter-intuitive. Any plans to make the Roku and Fire Stick work like the iPad does?

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Since there are probably many more Roku and Fire Tv Stick users then Ipad users, maybe they like the way things are. Or maybe they want all devices to change to something completely different.

Individuals have different pain thresholds.