Search not working

Hi. New to Tablo. I set up to record a show by first searching for it. Found it and set up the record parameters, NP. Then searched for a second show, The Amazing Race. Searched using “Amazing” and “race”. Search did not find any such titles. Then tried 60 Minutes, same thing, not found. Also, if I introduce a space in the title the search returns “No airings found”. Each time. What am I missing? Running under Roku. Rebooted Roku - no joy.


Gary, NJ

I got my new 4th-gen Tablo just yesterday - also Roku - and experienced the exact same bug. For me, as I looked for programs to schedule, the behavior occurred two or three incidents intermittently, not permanent: After rebooting and/or closing & re-opening the app, at some point the search was able to work again.

Either way, it’s definitely a bug in need of a fix.

Don’t have a 4th gen, but did you try putting quotes around it ? i.e. “Amazing Race”

@Gary742 Thanks for flagging this. We’re taking a closer look now.

October 31st, and TABLO hasn’t replied to this thread? I cannot believe how buggy this hardware is. Does Tablo understand the concept of beta testing?

We have made some significant updates and fixes around search.

Are you still experiencing issues?

I have experienced the exact same problem. You can find a movie in the movie listings, but cannot search for it and find it using the search tool.

Also - bring back the movie listings by star ratings.