Screen size vs. recording resolution

What recording settings are you using for what screen size?

I did my viewing on a 42" screen viewing size and 720p was perfectly adequate. I also do most of my viewing on my phone, so 720p was more than enough.

I now have a 110" viewing size, and from my viewing distance (~10’ away), 720p looks bad. Going to bump it to 1080i and see what happens.

Is there some sort of general guide to this? Tablo only talks about storage space, not screen size/viewing distance/recommendations for settings.

At that screen size and distance you will definitely want to change to 1080P. Having said that, if you are talking about playback of Tablo content, really depends on what the source is. Not all broadcast stations broadcast in 1080 to begin with.

1080i right (they don’t do 1080p over the air, from I’m aware of)?

I can’t remember what we were watching. It was one of the regular channels (Fox, CBS, ABC, etc.). Modern Family maybe?

Correct. Although depending on your local station not even all the big 4 broadcast in 1080. For example, my local Fox affiliate broadcasts in 720.

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Interesting, didn’t know that, thanks.

Hah, looks like FOX and ABC are 720p. So even changing the settings wouldn’t help for those channels. Good to know.

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