Scheduling TV shows

If I schedule a show such as American Idol and select the record all shows option, will it keep recording all the occurrences even if it’s beyond the current schedule guide? Or do I have to schedule for each 14 day guide renewal?

Hope I explained this correctly!

Dennis T.

“Record All” will record all the American Idol programs going forward (past 14 days). It would also record reruns if there were any, if that’s an issue you can set to record only when on a particular channel.

Same with “Record New”, going forward only new shows will be recorded, even the next season.

Thanks, that answered my question.

Also if the network substitutes “Country Music awards” for one of the time slots for “American Idol”, will it still record the “country music awards” in the American Idol time slot for that week?

Thanks, Dennis

One of the benefits of SERIES RECORDING (which comes with an active TV Guide Data Service subscription) is that even if the time slot changes (or even if the network changes) your Tablo will continue to record that program as long as it’s airing.

We do this by scheduling based on a unique program ID versus a channel/timeslot.

Thank you for the response. I understand now!

The nice thing about it is that if you are recording an older show that is in syndication, it will pick up all channels that are broadcasting that show. Even if a channel starts broadcasting it after you set up the schedule.