Scheduling Problem

Woke up this morning to find Tablo did not record today’s “Toon in With Me” episode. My schedule shows the episodes for Sept 8th and 9th as up and coming when they are actually in the past. It’s doing this for all scheduled shows that have Sept 8th and 9th episodes. The time in Tablo is correct for my location. And when I try to setup a manual recording the date is correct. This is a new one for me. Anyone else seeing this or know what the cause is?

Well I think I fixed it. Early this morning we were in kind of a rush so I didn’t try to trouble shoot. I now just refreshed the guide subscription and reloaded the schedule which didn’t help. Went down into the basement to restart Tablo when I found the blue light flashing and the unit was quite hot. In all my 7.5 years of Tablo I have never found the blue light randomly flashing other than when you power it up. So I never thought to go down and check it. I power cycled it and all seems to be back to normal now.

Early Wednesday morning (the 7th) I got several messages from my weather station that it stopped and restarted uploading data twice. Also got emails from Spectrum that there were outages. My assumption is when the interwebs went down (several times) Tablo lost connection and never got it back. That’s why the schedule still showed Sept 8th and 9th episodes. It’s brain couldn’t remember passing the 8th and 9th.

So I learned something new. If I ever get messages of the internet being down then up again, go down to the basement and check Tablo. Internet outages have happened before but Tablo never had a problem with them.

Oh, and another thing. All of yesterday’s (Sept 8th) recordings did not have thumbnails when fast forwarding through commercials. Probably another symptom of what happened.

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Good to know. I’ve been a subscriber just a few months but didn’t have an internet outage until last week. Afterward, the guide was messed-up (thumbnails missing, etc. but it cleared within half a day.