Scheduling conflicts for adjacent times

in the picture you can see that the recording of shark tank is listed as going over time by 2 minutes for some reason which creates a conflict with the things set to record for 9 pm. Is there any way to manual remove those two minutes from the schedule so it records everything? Note that I have the 2 tuner model

Your best bet is to set up a manual recording for shark tank and make it end at 9.

Thanks, do you know if the recordings still show up in the list with the regular ones if you do it manually? I haven’t done one before

Yes, they show up under both Scheduled (until the show comes on) and it will show up under recordings once it has been recorded.

How do you set a manual recording? I can’t believe I still haven’t run into that option yet.

It’s not obvious. Go to the Scheduled section on a web browser or tablet app and click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner. That opens up the manual schedule menu, and it should be pretty easy from there.

Here’s the how-to: