Scheduled shows did not record

Had 2 shows this morning that were scheduled not record. I have a “all” episodes of GMA record every morning along with the local news set to record. They were in the schedule but both did not have a orange indicator. All future shows were not set to record either. I unscheduled them and the scheduled again and the indicator showed up. I was up in the middle of the night and noticed the tablo screen indicate “optimizing guide data”. Did something change? Check your scheduled recordings!

Update: Had another show not record. That makes 3. This time I KNOW it was scheduled. All 3 shows were on the same channel. Anyone have any ideas? I’m a new subscriber and this is not giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Ready to return it.

If these are all recurring shows (like GMA), did it record any episodes? Are you sure you have it setup to record ‘all’ or ‘new’ episodes and not just the one episode? If so, which was it (all or new).

These issues can be difficult to figure out. In my experience it’s often a guide issue. I had a show where it was supposed to record all ‘new’ episodes but there were episodes not marked ‘new’ by the guide. This rarely occurs, but is frustrating when it does.

Yes, I was recording GMA "all"episodes and it had just recorded gma the day before. Ever since the “optimizing guide data” appeared on the screen, the recordings messed up. All recordings were perfect for about a week.

Hi @Chuck_F,

That is certainly odd behavior! The message you were seeing (‘Optimizing Guide Data’) is simply part of the Tablo’s nightly maintenance that occurs in the middle of the night. It shouldn’t have any effect on any schedules you have.

Something just to confirm, when you set your ‘All’ schedule, and then check the show in the Scheduled screen, do you see the list of future episodes to be recorded (with the orange ‘rec’ icon next to each) for the next two weeks?

If you do, and are then finding those getting ‘unscheduled’ by the next day, then we need to delve deeper. You can contact support here and they should be able to help you out: Contact Us | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

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