Scheduled Recordings Sorted by Date/Time

I may miss if this is already there but I would like to have the option of showing my scheduled recordings in order of date/time instead of just the programs recording view (in alphabetic order). This is handy in making sure that everything you expected to record is scheduled to record. I know you can look at the guide to see if the record sign is there but this is something on cable that I used frequently.

Again sorry if i’m missing the boat and its there already.


I share your request (and it is one that Tablo has promised). This feature is available on the Roku Tablo App (not the Tablo Preview but the original Tablo App). Tablo has already indicated that various sorting options (e.g., by date and time) will be available in upcoming app releases for various platforms.

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@Vinnyv11 As noted by @jdoe, we’ve had a few requests similar to this one, and we’re definitely not ignoring them. Stay tuned :smile: