Scheduled recordings shown in the Roku app do not match scheduled recordings shown in Web Tablo app

On my Roku 2, when I look at scheduled recordings, I see only the first 7 of over 35 schueduled shows.

When I view Scheduled shows using the web tablo app, I see all of my scheduled shows.

When I go (in the Roku Tablo app) to the missing shows in the Guide and select them, they show as scheduled (the choices include “Cancel recording”).

I don’t yet know if the shows that are not shown in the Roku schedule display will be recorded, thought I would expect that they would be.

Is this a known problem?

The Roku Tablo app Guide section displays scheduled recordings whether or not there’s anything to record within the next 14 days.
The Scheduled Recordings section only displays what will record within the next 14 days.
Confused the heck outta me, too.

Thanks Radojevic, but that isn’t the problem I’m seeing.

I have 16 items scheduled, all with at least one episode within the next 14 days. I only see 7 of them on the Roku Schedule display. The seven I see have start dates all throughout the next 14 days, so it’s not just the “1st 7 scheduled”. This looks like an outright bug.

Has anyone else seen this?

@David_Plottel - Hrm, we haven’t been able to reproduce this on our end.

There are two things that could be at play here… Either you need to do a resync (disconnect your Tablo and then reconnect) OR it could be that since the web app also displays shows that do NOT have airings in the next 14 days there may be a discrepancy between what you’re seeing on web and Roku.