Scheduled Recordings Not What I Would Expect

When I click on this tab, I expect to see when and what shows will be recording over the next week or so. Instead, I see every show I have ever selected to record in series…even if the show is off the air and never to return. I would like an upcoming recordings section.
I like to record new episodes of SNL which airs at 11:30 pm. I have it set up to record new episodes. Unfortunately, this also causes it to record the 10 pm. rebroadcast of old shows. I would prefer not to have manually record channel NBC every Saturday night at 11:30 to avoid those 10:00 p.m. showing as then I will record repeats of the 11:30 too.

The Roku UI has an upcoming recordings section.

As for recording of reruns that the Tablo is seeing as “new”, that is an issue with the guide data provider. Open a support ticket with Tablo so they can fix the issue. The record new episodes feature shouldn’t record episodes that have previously aired.

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Thanks for posting. I mostly watch on pc’s so I wasn’t aware it’s a device specific issue for upcoming recordings.

For a while, the Tablo would not show schedule recording for shows that weren’t upcoming in the next two weeks, but a group of users complained about it, so it now shows everything that has been scheduled. :wink:

It is a good idea to go into scheduled recordings every few months and clear out any one time events, shows that aren’t being renewed, and/or shows you don’t want to record anymore.

It would seem to be a simply filter between “Upcoming” and “All”. For example, for TV Shows you can select: All . New . Premiering . Genres . Channels

So, the capability for that type of filtering obviously exists. It’s simply a matter of priorities. Personally, I’d like to see: All . Upcoming . By Date (preferably a listing, but icons in order of first upcoming would work.