Scheduled Recordings Not Recording

We have enjoyed our Tablo for a year now.

That being said, since Saturday we have had 6 scheduled recordings NOT record. They have not shown up as failed recordings either. These were on different channels.

In order to try something I scheduled 3 recordings from the Live TV guide, one overnight and 2 this morning. The one from overnight is listed in the failed. The first one from 10am did not record, did not show as failed and shows no where. The next one from 11am (on a different channel) did record.


@iwan2noy - Sorry to hear that. Generally if there’s a failed recording for reception reasons or something is is marked as failed. Our support team would like to check out your Tablo.

Can you send a ticket their way?

Make sure to include your MAC address.

Where do I find the MAC address?

Your MAC address can be found on the bottom of your Tablo, it usually looks something like this: 5087B800XXXX.

MAC address is: 5087BXXXXXX

Include your MAC address in your support ticket.

Have you tried rebooting your Tablo aka power cycling it?

Yes, I have tried power cycling it and the hard drive.

My recordings are not recording. It seems I can’t schedule new recordings and I can’t access the ‘scheduled’ area to see if there’s a problem there. I ha e a 4 tuner Tablo running with Roku. My tablo is only 9 mo the old. Oh, and it is continuously reloading too, drives us nuts!!

I have submitted a ticket. Have not had a response yet.

Here is an update since the earlier info:
3 shows on 3 different channels were selected to record from the live TV guide. All 3 shows are shown as recorded, and play fine.

So tonight, we had 4 recordings scheduled on 2 different stations. None of them have recorded. They are not shown in the failed section. They are recurring scheduled shows, so they show up as being set to record the next new shows next week. So basically, anything that we wanted to record since last Friday has not recorded.

@CindyJ - Sorry to hear that. Our support team would be happy to give you a hand. Just send us a note and we’ll get things patched up for you:

I submitted a ticket. Received a reply with a question, which was promptly answered. Nothing until midday today with a promise that their engineers would look at it. Now its the weekend. More days with a product that is not working. Just had to pay for the service again as well today.

In the meantime I am having to find other ways to watch our shows. I may find out that I don’t need this after all…

3 more days have gone by. Have heard nothing since a promise that engineers would look at it. Have replied to the ticket without a response.

What shall I expect?

They’re closed on the weekends and also today, since it’s a Canadian holiday.

Hopefully they’ll get back to you tomorrow.

@iwan2noy Just letting you know that our engineers are taking a look at this now!

Thank you!

I received the reply that the time was reset. I am confused that this would stop recordings from working. It seems that the recordings would be at the wrong time.

I will not reply to the support ticket email as this apparently moves us to the back of the line.

We will attempt to record items tonight and then report.

@iwan2noy Please feel free to reply to your ticket! What can hurt you is if you send several replies to your ticket without receiving one in return. That would put you at the end of the queue.

Replied to ticket this morning with a lot of information. And now another day has come and gone. Its been over a week now.

@iwan2noy Sorry for the wait! It looks like there’s quite a bit for us to look at on our end - but we’ve just sent over an update along with a quick test to try.