Scheduled Recordings Don't Occur

Scheduled Recordings Don’t Occur
Not only do they not occur but they no longer even appear in the “Scheduled Recordings” tab. It is as if something deleted all of my scheduled recordings. Orange doesn’t appear on most of the previously scheduled season recordings but even if it does the program does not record. I sat down last night to watch my favorite programs and was very upset to see that they did not record and are not scheduled for any future recordings. Not a single mention of failed recordings either. I have loved my Tablo up to this point but this sucks.

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Is your subscription still active? If so, check on the settings page and make sure it still shows to be active there. Most apps have a refresh button next to the subscription information. You might try pressing that even if it shows that your subscription is active.

@GaryGraham We agree with the suggestion above; try rebooting your Tablo and then clicking the ‘Refresh’ button next to your subscription settings. Does your subscription then show up as ‘Active’? And do you see your scheduled shows reappear in the Scheduled screen?

Don’t hesitate to give our support team a call at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688), we’d be happy to help over the phone.

I have implemented the suggestions but it seems my account is resetting itself to no active subscription even though I purchased the lifetime guide. Very frustrating.

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They had an issue and no way to recover (as of yet) other than toggling your recordings off then on again. I agree, it sucks, missed a few programs and had to toggle about 50 scheduled Programs.


Something really weird is going on.

This has happened twice this week on two separate tablos. A refresh brought it back both times. The guide data was updated 12 hours ago. This particular tablo was fine this morning, so sometime between 10:00 AM and 4:20 PM the subscription services expired/didnt renew. I’ll reboot but if there is some sort of client/server timeout occurring shouldn’t a retry happen sooner or later?

After the reboot I had to refresh it again.

Same with the tablo that had the problem earlier in the week the subscription service was fine before the reboot, but I had to refresh it after the reboot.

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For those two tablos the guide data is expired after a reboot. I’ll let them sit for an hour or so and see if anything changes.

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Its reproducible. A reboot and they came back up as expired. Support case logged.

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Thanks for sending us a note, our team is reviews your ticket now.

I saw this issue on two tablos a 2-tuner and a 4-tuner. They would intermittently show up as subscription expired, and after a reboot they would show up as subscription expired. Now perhaps they were crashing and rebooting I don’t know. I do not see an interrupted recording. So unless you catch the blinking LED there is no way to tell if a crash/reboot occurred. I do know they will not stay in remote access mode overnight, and the only way I know to get it to exit remote access mode it to reboot it.

I fixed the 2-tuner by the usual work around of deleting all scheduled recordings and then adding them back.

On the 4-tuner I only deleted the scheduled recordings that did not have anything scheduled in the next 14 days, I did this yesterday. A reboot after this still showed the problem. But this morning (it exited remote access mode) a reboot and the Subscription shows as enabled. So maybe deleting some of the scheduled shows and a possible over night DB maintenance process resolved something? I don’t know just a guess.

Tablo support looked in and simply said the subscription is enabled on their end.

I have the same issue. It shows up with expired guide sevice but active premium servive until you tell it to refresh. Then all the shows say the are scheduled to record but dont.

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You guys @TabloSupport @TabloEngineering @TabloTV really need to address this issue sooner rather than later. With my Tablo this unreliable it has essentially become useless. Unbeknownst to me, my Tablo reset again while I was out of town causing me to miss multiple recordings again this weekend. If I cannot depend on my unit to accurately record my programs then the money I spent on the unit itself, the hard drive, the lifetime program guide subscription and the commercial skip is all wasted. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Both of the tablo I had showing this issue are recording as expected.

A final update from tablo support.

They are aware of this issue and are working on it. And there was some sort of maintenance they ran on one of my tablos which they expect will resolve the issue. The 4-tuner was the only one in remote connect mode at that time so I suspect that is the one that had the maintenance done.

So if your seeing this issue I suggest it best if you log a support case.

Did you get a chance to log a ticket with our team? If we get a chance to look at your Tablo I’m sure we can solve this. You can also call us directly at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).