Schedule TV series

How many series can I set to record in advance? When using Directv the series manager only allowed 49.

There is no limit to the number of series you can set to record. If you have a tuner available, we’ll record it.

Regardless of what channel it is on! Can it be limited to only channel you request?

@beastman - That’s a popular request and something we definitely want to do!

Do you mean I can only record the channel it is on. That does’nt make sense since I was going to get the 4 tuner and that would be wasting the other tuners. Pleasee be more clear.

I record 10:00 PM KXAN News 36. The Tablo currently records it not only on 36-1, but on 14-1 as well (same ownership and rebroadcast), which is wasting disk space. I have do not record duplicates checked, so it only records once per channel that it is on.

Thanks, I understand now. :slight_smile: