Schedule problem

The schedule update overnight did NOT have two specials on KXAN. I knew they were on so I manually forced a schedule update. It worked and both scheduled specials were there, so I set them up to record.

@TabloTV Any chance of modifying update to do a second update around 12 noon to 1:00 pm to get any late schedule changes such as this? It was known yesterday and TitanTV had it this morning. I don’t know what time Gracenote got the schedule change.

Or maybe a twice per day guide data update rather than once.

I have a 14 day guide. I wish tablo would only update the guide every other day.

What about when programming changes? I know it doesn’t happen that often, but might be happening more as more stations change to cover the coronavirus.

There are indeed more changes happening than usual for this very reason.

Changing the guide update schedule would require a firmware update so for the time being you can use the button in SETTINGS to force more frequent updates if you feel the need.

Normally updates are brought in once a day during overnight maintenance which is usually more than enough.

Mexico, U.S., and Canada probably have over a thousand channels and subchannels.

The idea that all of these possible changes occur at the same time and that these changes are made to the Gracenotes database in real time seems rather strange.