Schedule Manual Recordings overlay blocks live tv from playing.

This just started today. .Perhaps an update with a bug.

I start Tablo, Select Live TV, select channel and an overlay pops up to “Schedule Manual Recordings.” Annoyingly, I have to click cancel to start the live program. This happens on all devices except iPad.

On my Samsung Note 9, the overlay will not go away so I can’t start the program. I rebooted everything, uninstalled and reinstalled Tablo on the Note 9 to no avail. The other devices work they just have the annoying overlay that needs to be dismissed except for the iPad that doesn’t get it yet.

I am sorry you are having this issue. What other devices are you using?

I tried it with multiple browsers on a PC, the Win10 app, my Google Pixel phone, and Roku, and didn’t encounter this issue.

Are you a new user whose subscription expired today? Just wondering if it is subscription related.

Also, are you clicking on the channel (far left column) or the show? If you click on the channel, it should start playing immediately (or however long it takes to load). If you click on the show title, it will bring up a menu to set up a recording. If you don’t have a subscription, it likely brings up the “Schedule Manual Recording” option.

Click on the channel itself and see if that resolves your issue.

Yes, that did it. Apparently, there was an update. I clicked on the show before and it would start. Now clicking on the channel starts it.

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