Schedule change for METV

Caught a commercial that Mr. ED is coming to METV but missed the date. Sometime in September.

They’ve been showing it here on AntennaTV for a while now, but if they start from S01E01, it would be nice to catch the first episode or so.

We don’t have AntennaTV in Austin, TX :frowning: but i catch it now and then on Roku channel. Will be nice to be able to record and watch in order.

It was hit or miss for me with my previous antenna, but since putting up the new one, It’s coming in solidly now, so I’m finally able to rely on it. In fact, they’ve been showing all the Star Trek series at night, starting with S01E01 and I’ve been recording and watching Star Trek Enterprise. I never watched it during the original airing.

@TabloTV I assume these will start showing up in the schedule when we’re 14 days away from Labor Day.

For those that want to record Mr Ed, it IS in the guide on METV but Mister Ed instead of Mr Ed.

@TabloTV any chance of having it match if searching for Mr Ed?