Schduled recordings disappearing after update to Firmware 2.2.12

I updated my Tablo Firmware Sunday and it wiped out my previously recorded shows. SINCE THEN it records each nights scheduled recordings, they finish with no error, but they are gone the next day. They are recording and finishing just fine…I watched 2 of 4 the same evening and did not delete the ones I had watched. Next day they are all gone and it’s recording ones for that night…next day those are also gone. This has happened for 4 days now.

Definitely submit a ticket. I have never heard of that problem.

@Deckerpair I agree with @snowcat, send us a ticket ASAP. Is your drive nearly full, and do you by chance have auto-delete turned on? If so, try turning it off. Let us know how this goes when you send us a note.

Just submitted a ticket (24060). Yes, auto-delete is on (although I’ve never had anything auto-delete previously).

I will turn off auto-delete for this evening’s recordings and let you know what happens tomorrow.

@Deckerpair Sounds good. Our team will work with you to see what’s up.