Scan unchecks checked channels

When I scan now it unselects channels I have already checked. That is not the way it used to work. It would keep pre selected channels. I turned a ticket in and they said that unselecting channels is normal. I’m right am I not?

I have had a 4 tuner since 2017 and every time I have run a scan, I have had to re-select my channels. That is something that comes up in requests occasionally.


Bummer. I could swear that at one time it didn’t uncheck them.

The selected channels on my OG 2-tuner and dual64 don’t get unchecked. But I’m running the rescan from the roku app.

Interesting. I am running it from web. I wonder?

It does depend on the app. Only Apps that have been refreshed more recently (ex. iPhone) have this feature.

This is correct.

The web app still uses the older channel scan method which doesn’t maintain your previously selected channels.

Well that sucks. I assumed that the web had all the features of the main apps. I usally do all my maintenance via the web app. Guess i will have to stop doing that.

Fear not. The next iteration of the web app will be done soon and will use the new method.


So what happens if the channels goes away? Say it moves or they decrease the power and you don’t receive it at all? (Although I don’t know why they would lower it, just a hypothetical)

Those will still be removed. But with the newer channel scan, if the Tablo is able to detect the channel and you’d selected (or unselected) it previously, it will remain that way.

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