Say it loud...Say it proud

Just wanted to say this to someone (besides my wife)…Saturday the 26th, my cable company came in and picked up all DVR’s. I still have them for internet and phone but it is now official, thanks to Tablo… I have cut the cord!

It has been two days since my last cable show!

How long have you all been a cord cutter?

I just started after receiving my Tablo in early April.   So far, I haven’t missed much, though the tough part will be this fall.  I can watch all my Titans games with the Tablo, but I doubt any Vandy games will be on local TV (darn you, SEC Network!).  I may be hanging out at the sports bar more on Saturdays. 

About 4 months now. The cable company has called me roughly 5 times to offer me a discounted rate of only $25/month for the OTA channels + another 40 channels I never watch.

This past Saturday, I dropped off the last cable (DVR) box and no longer have cable TV. Like @napercort, I retained internet and VOIP.  I have officially joined the ranks of the Cord Cutter society.  I couldn’t have gotten to this point without Tablo being a part of the formula.

I cut the cord a year ago.  I started “playing” with the Tablo in February.  I have the 2-tuner and the 4-tuner and can record everything I would ever want to watch.  I only had problems with my cable company and their DVR.  There are only a handful of channels that I miss from cable, but not enough to pay the over-priced bill.  Sure, there are some playback issues here and there, but I would never go back to cable.  With Tablo, there are so many playback options.  I travel quite a bit and love the Tablo Connect feature.  I am a very happy early adopter.

Nearly 3 years now. ($2,160 @ $60/month) Can’t wait till the playback issues are ironed out and I can cut out HuluPlus as well.

I started with simple TV last July. Dropped cable in early September 2013. We were all very frustrated with the lack of cable due to the poor reliability of simple tv…tablo, on the other hand, has made the lack of cable a non-issue.

Tablo + Netflix + amazon prime (already have it) make cable tv utterly useless to us.

July 8th was my last day with Directv.  Was spending $120 a month.  Now I have Tablo + Netflix + Amazon Prime (Had it already) + Hulu (Although may get rid of that.  I’ll be bummed when there is a local NFL game I can’t get because it’s on NFL network, but other than that I watch no sports on TV.  When Walking Dead comes back around I’ll buy a season pass on itunes or amazon and still be saving way more money than 220+ channels I never watched.

@jbanks25 NFL network games were on Thursday nights…appears that has moved to CBS  until THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23RD this year so you may be in luck. NFL Network then runs the rest of the Thursday games thur December.

@napercort Looks like I am out of luck 11/6 (NFL Network), and 12/22 (ESPN).  Oh well…  It’s just the Bengals.  They are bound to break my heart anyway.  Will save me some pain in the long run.

@jbanks25, as long as you get Cincy local channels, you will get all your Bengals games on the Tablo, even the ones on NFL Network and ESPN.  The NFL has a long standing policy of simulcasting all cable games on a local channel in the two markets that are playing.  You just need to find which local channel the games will be on (and sometimes it is a different channel for ESPN vs NFL Network).

Titans play in Cincy in week 3.  
Titans play in Cincy in week 3.  

Will you be making a friendly bet @jbanks25 and @snowcat? :)) 

Might not be a bad idea.  I have had really good luck with avatar bets the past 12 months (won 2 with my team as the underdog).

@snowcat I like where this is going…

I’m a long suffering Bengals fan, but I have some sympathy for the Titans too.  My mom lives in Mt. Juliet, and I’m actually down there from time to time for work.

Cool.  Mt. Juliet is a very popular place to live now.  I feel sympathy for the Bengals too (though I still can’t stand Pacman).  

I really should go to this game.  I have been to Reds games, but never a Bengals one.  It’s probably the closest stadium to Nashville as well.

Let’s just do an avatar bet.  If the Bengals win, I will do a Bengals avatar for that whole week after the game.  If the Titans win, you choose a Titans avatar.  Sound good? :slight_smile:

@snowcat Deal

I will be happy to help enforce/referee  :-bd

Best of all, Superbowl will be played on NBC (local network) come February.

Just wanted to say this to someone (besides my wife)...Saturday the 26th, my cable company came in and picked up all DVR's. I still have them for internet and phone but it is now official, thanks to Tablo..... I have cut the cord!

It has been two days since my last cable show!

How long have you all been a cord cutter?

8 yrs strong!

$1200 ago for us… but see below…

(I think that’s better than putting it in terms of “days”)

But since some like days, our U-verse bill for U200 was $120/mo. after tax, title and license…  $103 for TV,  $21 for extra receivers we had, $10 for HD (you know they’re evil when they charge for that…) and $16.43 for TTL.

With that said, we did pick up Amazon Prime $79/yr. and Netflix $8/mo.  We tried Hulu, but didn’t have anything we were interested in.    We now own 4 Roku 3’s (1 bought for $90, two at $80 and one for $65) and I have one older Roku XD (<$30) for dev/test (has composite out so I can make videos).  We also invested in a $250 Q190 as a Plex Media Server.  And obviously now we’ve switched from Aereo $8/mo. to TabloTV (unknown future cost plus one time $210).  Oh and antenna for <$30.

So… initial investment:

~$800 one time (yep… we saved that much just in switching in less than a year)

Our monthly bill after switch when you factor in other services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime): <$15/mo.
(vs. $120/mo. with Uverse U200, we’re saving $105/mo. ongoing… might go down a smidge when Amazon finally raises their rate to us.)

Those receiver units and PVR from U-verse consumed about twice as much power as the new setup… so that’s not a lot of savings… but still it’s some (I haven’t done the math, it’s a small amount).

But now we I have more access to our media as well.  I can watch any of our movies from anywhere, listen to any song, etc.
And now with TabloTV/Plex, I can watch Live TV from anywhere (I had this with Aereo).  Much more flexible than with U-verse.