Saving to iPad for offline viewing

@tablotv - can you tell us where this is on the roadmap? Wondering when it will be available.


@cmahy - I don’t have an ETA on this yet. We’re focusing on manual recordings at the moment. 

I’ll share additional info when I’m able but this is a feature I’m eagerly awaiting too! 

This would be an awesome feature

Download for offline viewing would be a great feature. Certainly handy when flying on a plane or no reliable wifi is available. The TiVo app has the download for offline viewing feature and my brother uses it all the time. I’m jealous. Please add this TabloTV.

Any ETA on this yet?  It’s been high on the priority list at least since February 2014 per the FAQs.  I get excited every time there is an update.  Yes, yes, maybe the most important feature to me will finally be added.  Then utter disappointment to find something was fixed that I didn’t even know was a problem. 

I love that little Tablo box.  I’d love it more if I could bring my shows to places where I can’t get internet, or don’t want to use my expensive cellular bandwidth.   

A lot of people would like this feature, however, it’s technically complicated to do. Have you seen this thread which contains an unofficial way to do it?

I think it would be great to be able to copy M4V/MP4 and MKV (H.264) to the Tablo as well, to use it as a general video server.

@markfrommi - We totally hear ya! We’ll be sitting down in mid-January to go over the roadmap plans for the next little while so I’ll let the team know you (and many others) are anxious to see this become reality!