Save Show Position while watching

When watching a show, the only time the client updates the server about the ‘position’ in the show is when the client exits out of the show. This causes problems for many reasons that shouldn’t exist, but do.

1 - If I pause it in one room, and want to pick up where I left off in another
2 - If the Tablo reboots, or the client otherwise looses connection with the server (network for example)…

Any of these situations causes the client to either restart from the beginning, or from the same place it started from last time, but not from where the client was, or even vaguely close to where the client was…

If the client notified the server every 10 seconds or so ‘I’m here’, none of this would be an issue. All of the Plex clients that I use do this and I never have any issues with restarting from where it was…but because of various design issues with the Tablo platform, I seem to have this issue frequently with it


So, since there are two end devices involved, how do you tell multiple watchers from somebody picking up where they left off to another? Things to think about.

I don’t see an identification of what client app you are using.

“1 - If I pause it in one room, and want to pick up where I left off in another”

It seems to me that when I use a Roku and I pause and back out of the Roku player and go to another room and use the tablo Roku app and start up the episode it seems to startup where I paused.

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@cjcox adequately addressed this - the use case of pausing a show on one device without exiting the show is not distinguishable from two people wanting to concurrently streaming it and one takes a pause to get some coffee and the other starting at that very same time.

I do believe the Tablo sends periodic checkpoints back to the server - in that case the show can restart relatively near where it was interrupted - at least maybe just a tab earlier than it was interrupted so I pick up the slow of events again without having to backspace.

What I’m not clear about - and have never tested, is if two people concurrently watch the show, one person pauses (as per above use case) and the second then continues for some time - where is the resume point then?

As it is, I think this s one area I have no criticism or feature requests for theTablo folks.

What does having two people concurrently watching the show have to do with the original question of :

“If I pause it in one room, and want to pick up where I left off in another” . Two different use cases. The behavior of multiple concurrent users versus single user pause and resume can be enhanced at any time.

And for the case where you are using a client Roku tablo app and the Roku crashes while watching an episode, the resultant behavior has probably been observed many times by Roku users.

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When you say the Roku crashes? As in the Tablo app exits to the Home Screen or the Roku reboots itself?

I’ve had this happen maybe 5 times in 3 years of using the Tablo app on the Roku. And I use it quite regularly.

I have the Roku reboot on me more often when I’m switching from Wired to Wireless network, or vice versa. This happens once a month.

Agreed, if you ‘back out’, yes it updates the Tablo with the position…I think the client should periodically update the server with the position WITHOUT backing out :slight_smile:

I’ve watched 2 hour movies and had the tablo reboot 3/4 the way through and when I get back in it says that I haven’t even started the program…so I’m fairly sure that it doesn’t send periodic updates…

FYI, I use the Android and Fire TV clients most often.

In my case it’s not usually the client that’s restarting, but instead the Tablo server itself. The other day I was watching a recording…while that recording was being played, a different show was recording on a bad signal channel…the tablo restarted 3 times in the span of about 10 min’s because of that ‘bad signal’ on the recording tuner…but for some reason noone has EVER been able to explain to me, that causes the entire tablo to restart…so, when that happened my Fire TV viewer gave me the black screen saying that the tuner was reassigned or connection to the tablo was lost…at which point I had to tell my Fire TV app to reconnect to the server…each time the progress I had made in the recording I was watching was lost and I needed to re-fast forward to the appropriate place to start watching again…extremely annoying

Sounds to me like you need to improve your antenna and/or LAN.

I’ve got a 50 mile antenna and my towers are about 12 miles away…not entirely sure why I have bad service on my local PBS signal…I’ve removed that channel from my setup to prevent that issue in the future :slight_smile:

Have you checked out to make sure your antenna is pointed at the correct compass setting?

Roku is notorious for freezing and rebooting especially after it releases a new major OS release. Not all apps suffer the issues at the same level.

You can find an interesting thread starting around April of 2015 where 2x-3x fast forward would consistently crash/freeze/reboot the Roku. It would reboot so often you could almost hum the dancing R O K U music in your sleep.

You can also find a thread or two dealing with 30-50 second freeze ups with Roku OS 8. And that problem is not limited to the tablo app since I’ve seen it in the watchESPN and SlingTv apps. Now I think it occurs from pausing and view jumping in and out of different episodes. Eventually it refuses/hangs to load a specific episode to the previous pause point.

Indeed, very different use cases, but common underlying technology, so my point is that they may be indistinguishable. On picking up, there could be multiple save points, and they’d have to be named somehow so you know which one you are resuming.

So, let’s say 4 people are watching the same show. Let’s say they all “pause”… how do you resume the “right one”?

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On-screen options that look like this:

  • Resume from Apple TV Living Room
  • Resume from Apple TV Bedroom
  • Resume from Jim’s IPad
  • Resume from Jim’s Laptop
  • Resume from Start

Interesting idea - the other better idea in my opinion is to have individual user profiles if you share the Tablo with many people, kind of like Netflix profiles.

One person should really only have one resume point, unless you have multiple personality disorder.

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I knew were the antennas were and have it pointed in that general direction…may be off a few degrees, but shouldn’t be enough to cause me issues

I believe the current xcode cpu in the tablo can only handle 6 concurrent output streams. Tablo uses the HLS standard for stream content.

I don’t think the HLS standard contains any indication for current player location. I also don’t believe the xcode cpu maintains the current position that it’s tablo software that maintains location.

So let’s assume that the xcode cpu can concurrently process the same HLS file up to six times.

If so, a simple 6 position LiFo list containing the MAC address and current position satisfies most resume conditions. If the list has one entry it’s easy. If more then one it’s a popup pick list.

Do you realize what “a few degrees” is 12 miles out?

Yes of course, but it’s not like I’m the transmitter…the signal is hitting my house regardless of the direction of my antenna…it’s a ‘leaf style’ antenna and no matter if it’s hitting straight on, or a few degrees off from straight on, I should be getting a strong signal as long as I’m nowhere close to a 90 degree turn from source…as long as I understand how receiving radio transmissions works at least