Save only X number of episodes

This is a feature I loved on my old Moto/Comcast DVR: set how many episodes of a show the DVR would save. For example: I would tell the DVR to save 3 episodes of the PBS Newshour. When the device hit 3 episodes, it would automatically delete the oldest episode and record the newest one.

It was great for news shows, talk shows, game shows, late night TV, and series’ that I might be interested in but don’t watch too often. It just saved a LOT of time deleting episodes, something I’ve found to be VERY slow thus far with Tablo on Roku 3/web interface.

Any chance this is in the works?

This is in the works…have a look at the feature request thread… :slight_smile:

Im looking forward to this for my recordings of The Simpsons… I’d like to have a few episodes around to watch occasionally (cause god knows i have missed years of them) … but I don’t need to retain every one thats broadcast.