Samsung TV Tablo App issue

I have a Samsung Model QN65Q9FAM TV. When using the Tablo App and accessing recordings it does not illustrate all the recordings for some TV Shows. I have deleted the App and re-installed with the same issue. My other new models Samsung shows all the recordings, my web app from my laptop PC does and so does my Roku on an older TV.

I have the QN55Q7FAM and have seen the same issue with shows where I have a lot of episodes. More often than not, I can go back out and come back in multiple times and they eventually show up.

The other issue I experience quite often is that if I have not accessed the Tablo for a while and try to start watching a recording, it will show ‘Loading…’ endlessly. I have to press the back button and click on ‘Play’ again. Sometimes there is a screen in-between showing that it is reconnecting. I have only experienced it once where it did not work on the second attempt. It is annoying, though. I really wish we could get an update to the Samsung app for the 2017 models.

Yes, I found that going out and coming back in sometimes then it will show all the recorded episodes.