Samsung TV app update

I am attempting to utilize the new premium service for auto commercial skipping, but I do not see the option to enable it within the current version on my Samsung app. Is there an update coming any time soon? Last updated 10/30/2019

Sorry but the player software on Samsung and LG Smart TVs isn’t compatible with this feature at the moment:

You’ll need to use a compatible device on your Samsung TV like Roku or Fire TV to enjoy Automatic Commercial Skip:

Could have saved me a bunch of time if the sign-up page for commercial skip said it did not work for all devices and provided a list of supported devices. I mainly watch on my Samsung TV and don’t want to add a ROKU to it. It took awhile to figure out how to turn it on, get it to work, and then find out that it did not work on the Samsung app.

@TheLAD Sorry you missed that detail… I’ll pass your feedback along to our web team.

I have three Samsung TVs with the Tablo app.
Two are running Tizen 4.0 and one Tizen 2.3

I just bought a new Samsung 85” TV running Tizen 5.5 and you know what? the Tablo app isn’t available!

I’m in the US, so I think the problem is the app needs to be updated to be compatible with 5.5

When are you guys coming out with an update? Could this one have commercial skipping?