Samsung S7 update available, week of May 9 2016

I have noticed more than one complaint about using a Samsung S7 on the forums. My wife got one last month, and had problems with it until I ran a new OS update this past weekend. Solved quite a few problems including wifi connection problems. This is with a Verizon unit, don’t know if other carriers also have the same update or not.

Just passing on to other S7 owners FYI.

What about the fancy green screen?

@lewit57, which carrier are you on? If you don’t see the green screen issue, I’m pretty sure that means you haven’t got the “latest” update from your carrier yet :slightly_smiling:

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T-Mobile had an update last night for the S7 Edge. Didn’t do anything about the fancy green screen tho. Just FYI.

My wife’s phone is on Verizon. I have not attempted to use it with my Tablo, so therefore, I am not familar with the problems other are having. Just wanted to note that Verizon had pushed out an OS update for the S7 recently that resolved the wifi problems that she was having, and perhaps others on the forum would find the update useful.

Was the same type of update for T-Mobile… for the wifi.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with AT&T here. I haven’t had any issues with it since I got it (on launch day). Other than the ‘fancy green screen’ as @riffy put it… and it is only affecting the Tablo app. Other than that this phone has been working great.