Samsung easy switch

Samsung easy switch does transfer all your apps to your new phone, but it DOES NOT transfer logins, passwords, or Tablo synch data. So after getting my new phone, I was without Tablo until I got home to synch it. It did synch faster than the s5 did but it had c a faster processor. I got the Galaxy S7 with a free year of Netflix and a free VR Gear and 6 VR games.

Did you throw it in the water just to make sure that worked :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost - it survived a heavy rain downpour. Going to redeam code for FREE Netflix for a year - that will offset the increased phone bill. The S5 was financed and I paid half of it, and traded it in for the S7, which has 32 GB internal memory instead of 16, and it supports up to a 200 gb micro sd card (I put in a 64 gb that I had in the S5). The S7 is financed for 24 months.

Yea, I think they all should have waterproofing.

I had the S5 before my current Nexus 6P, and I must say, this current phone is the best one I have ever had.

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I have a Nexus 9 tablet WiFi only. I got the regular S7 and not the S7 Edge. Over $100 price difference for a slightly larger screen and battery. CNET made it sound like not worth it. The two phones are basically the same.

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I agree, the 6P is by far the best phone I have ever owned.

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So far I love the S7 and the response time. It came with android Marshmallow. I haven’t tried the camera yet, but have tried Tablo. No more piece to cover the connection that broke off the S5.

Yea, I started with a Windows Phone, then switched to iPhone when it came out, stayed with it til the S5 only because I didn’t think Android was primetime yet. Plus I hated the bloatware from Samsung and AT&T. But, I got a cheap Nexus 6 to try and loved it, so I upgraded when the 6P came out. So much nicer without all the addon crap from the vendor and carrier.

And by far the 6P has been so much better than them all.And longest battery life too

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While - my 200 GB microsd card from Amazon arrived today, so I swapped out my 64 GB for the 200. I had half the price in points from my credit card. I figure may as well get the largest it supports. The next nice day I’m off (I was off Friday - but getting phone and rain) I’m going to go around Austin taking pictures to see how good the camera is. I had a T pin from work that I used to open the sd card location.

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