Samsung app not working

My tablo won’t play live tv or recordings on my Samsung tv app. It works fine using the fire stick on 2 other tvs. When trying to watch tv or recordings on the Samsung it just freezes on the first frame then won’t respond. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it, deleting the tablo and re adding it, unplugging the tv, power cycling tablo, and power cycling modem. Nothing seems to work. Any advice to fix it? Or should I just buy another fire stick? The Samsung app doesn’t seem to have the features the app on fire stick does anyway and constantly has connection issues.

I just tried to install my new 4-channel Tablo with my 3 year old Samsung smart TV. After several hours, I was finally able to locate the Samsung Tablo app and install it. It did NOT work very well. It was very slow and would frequently"lock up." I decided to buy the $99 Roku box and use the Roku Tablo app instead. It works PERFECTLY!!! I would highly recommend Roku + Tablo instead of of messing with the Samsung app.