Samsung 4 pause live OTA TV

I have a samsung TV - model UN28M4500 - s/w version 1240.4 with tablo tv app v1.3.1 installed … and tablo dual w/ v 2.2.22 . . . Why is it that I can’t pause/rewind live OTA TV ?

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Do you have a disk drive attached to the Tablo? It needs one to do that.

Ah - sorry - should have said - Tablo Dual - has 64k onboard … works fine on the PC . . . just cant pause live OTA TV on Samsung

Unfortunately we weren’t able to support these features on this app at this time.

I am using a FireTV stick and I have the same problem.

So I start a recording of the program and wait 5 or 10 minutes. Then I play the recording.

At the end of the program, I delete the recording.

@TabloTV is there any update on when pausing live TV on the Samsung app will be addressed? This is pretty standard functionality for streaming apps and it is missed.

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Yep - pausing live TV was why I bought it - without that it is basically a brick. Fool me once . . .