Same program recorded twice

Pretty consistently my Tablo Lite v2.2.22 records two instances of the same program. It was only mildly irritating until I had two different shows scheduled at the same time and the double-recording thing apparently used the two tuners resulting in a “Tuner Not Available” error on the other program’s recording. How do I tell Tablo to not take up two tuners to record the same program?

Go to Settings and check off “Do not record duplicates”.

Thanks. That’s been set since first-time set-up. Still recording dupes.

Is it from different channels? Possibly from different countries? Say a channel from Canada and a channel from the US if you live in a border town.

And what show is it? It is likely the Tablo guide data is not recognizing them as the “same” episode.

Sadly, it’s recording the same broadcast from the identical channel although not consistently. On Saturday, it DVR’d (I almost wrote “taped”) two identical copies of SNL (only one station carried it) and did not record AntennaTV’s Johnny Carson Show (don’t judge, I’m not a millennial). The Carson episode said “No Tuners Available” or something similar. Is my Tablo box a secret Kanye fan?

I am confused, how can the SAME channel have 2 airings of the same show at the same time to be using both timers?

Only one channel means only one recordings in one time slot.

The Tablo is using both tuners to record the same show, apparently. I’m just trying to avoid this behavior.

Open a support ticket directly with Tablo.

That shouldn’t ever happen, 2 tuners recording only 1 episode on 1 channel at the same time. 2 tuners tuned into the same channel. That would be a very big bug.

I get the duplicate thing happening once in a while if the same episode is on a different channel.

Hope you didn’t delete the duplicate recordings.

Are these truly full duplicate recordings or are they multiple partial recordings that could indicate a signal/reception issue?


Great question. I assumed this would have been figured out by the OP already.

Maybe a screenshot of the entries would be helpful.

I’ve seen that in the past and sadly I deleted the two SNLs and did not check that possibility. So there is a chance of that. Even if that was the case, I still had the “No Tuner Available” error on the other show. I do still have examples on the hard drive of identical 1hr1min recordings of the same show/same/time/same channel like this episode of “Instinct”.

I had this happen once, but I think it was a guide problem. My Tablo recorded the same episode of a program from the same station at the same time twice, obviously using 2 tuners. One was named properly with season and episode while the other recording had no season or episode info, just date and time and was saved under other seasons. Like I said, just a one time occurrence, but still very strange.

Are they actually full recordings?
Play each one fast forwarding to the end.

Weak TV broadcast signals, and crashing will create multiple recording segments.

Complete episodes, both 1:01:21 and play all the way though with no breakup.

Another tidbit. When this happens, the dupe episodes also show up in Tablo Ripper as two identical files. I don’t think it’s a UI issue. And there’s that tuner-hogging symptom. From the incredulous responses I’m seeing here, I’m guessing this is an unusual issue so maybe it is time to report it officially.

This may be unusual, but I have had this happen too several times in the past 3 years. As noted, this is different from broken, multi-segment recordings - it’s two complete recordings from start to finish, both complete, playable, rippable, using two tuners.

There has to be some way that Tablo learns a tuner has been assigned to make a scheduled recording - a flag of some kind. Presumably, that flag is not properly set, or is instantly reset, or not read, and a second tuner is assigned to record. No idea why this doesn’t repeat in the single instance to occupy all available tuners. (I have a 4-tuner, and I’ve never had more than one duplicate recorded, though I think there would have been a third tuner available - didn’t really check when I’ve had this occur.)

I just chalked it up to the complexity of what Tablo is doing and the inevitability of odd code behavior here and there. A neat challenge to hunt down, however…

I would indeed open an official ticket with Tablo. They can at least then look at the log files and see if they can tell what was going on at the time.

I’ve had the multiple partial recordings scenario several times as a result of signal/reception issues but can’t say I’ve ever had two full recordings like you are encountering.

Thanks, TabloInTheCity. At least I know I’m not The Lone Ranger (man, I’d schedule that show if it was available in my area). I guess it’s time to file a ticket.

Thanks to all you, it’s been helpful.

We managed to connect with @khisel today - we’re hoping to get some logs from his unit soon so that we can investigate this.

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I am having the exact issue - what is the fix?