Safari: "Your browser seems to be blocking site data."

Hi. I have a new Tablo, just set up yesterday. I’m able to use the Apple TV app without difficulty.

In a Safari browser (macOS 10.14.3), the page finds the device fine. When I try to use it, I see “Your browser seems to be blocking site data. Make sure that if prompted to increase database size, you allow the operation.” I’m not prompted about anything like that.

Firefox video works, but plays no audio. I do not use Chrome.


This is about Mojave (the Vista UAC is back, this time on Mac). Would have thought that you would have been prompted though. Interesting. Maybe it is just a part of Safari’s new “no tracking” protection? To my knoweldge, Chrome and Safari will still use the WebSQL DB technique (you know this as “syncing”). Would be nice to get away from that (hint for Nuvyyo).

Is there a way in the new Safari to turn off the advanced protection for site(s)?

The commercial Apple can never run again:

It is unfortunate that every time a cool concept is added to web standards (like WebSQL) it gets abused as a way to invade people’s privacy. And then the browser manufacturers start restricting it.

I am NOT saying that such is the case with I’m only saying that it happens.

I will have to double check when I got home but I seem to recall this on the first sync. I am pretty sure you can go into Preferences for Safari, go to Privacy > Manage Website Data and remove

Then reconnect to your local tablo at and you should get the proper prompt

The myTablotv website runs fine in Mojave with Safari.
I have Content Blockers on and use Wipr ad blocker.
So there is no issue there.

Are you using another ad blocking application?

Thanks everyone! I use Safari almost exclusively in Private Browsing mode, so this is how I tried to use Tablo. The comments above about local storage made me wonder if the local database couldn’t be created (or expanded) in Private Browsing mode.

I tried again a new non-private mode browser window, and everything operated fine.

I think the concept of locally-stored data is interesting, but it’s unfortunate there isn’t a fallback mode to simply watch a video stream when this doesn’t work.

Isn’t this the chicken and the egg.

How would a user select a recording to watch if the data to make the selection wasn’t available?

You could always pull(sync) all the data into real memory but some user have not only a very large number of recordings on their tablo device but also a large amount of guide data. That might be one of the reasons it’s stored in a database.

The idea is that you could “somehow” directly pull the playlist and play it. Remember, not every client requires the full sync (local RDBMS) thing. So there is a way.