Sad day since I am done with Tablo

Tonight was really the last straw.

After running into long buffering issues on Roku, for the nth time, I decided to power cycle the Tablo device. During power up the light flashed and flashed and flashed with no resolution in sight. So I see the reset button and press it. Little did I know, until I read the forums tonight, that if I press it to long I bomb the Tablo so far into existence it forgets all my recordings. There was a lot of unwatched content I will now have to go pay for somewhere else. :frowning:

I have been a huge supporter of Tablo from the very beginning and I really tried to make it work. Its always been a little wonky for me, but I just grinned and bared through it hoping things would get better. However, its bad enough for me, a geek, tech professional to run into issues. I understand how problems can occur, but honestly if I cannot hand this to my wife and kids without issues like I have encountered then it has no place in my home.

With tonight’s episode of bad to worse I have to say goodbye to Tablo. SageTV continues to chug along like it has since 2004 in my house, kicking Tablo’s rear in so many ways that I am going to return to it full time. Google has open sourced the code and Jeff, along with the Sage community is hopefully moving the code base along so Sage will be around for a long time. Even my 15 year old son sees how much better it is than Tablo. :frowning:

If someone is interested in purchasing my Tablo and the 2GB hard drive please email me and we can discuss price. I can be reached at worshipanimal at gmail dot com,


Hopefully you will find a product/solution that works for you.

I’m interested in the Tablo.

  1. Is it a Dual tuner or Quad tuner?
  2. Are you in Canada or the US?

Original dual tuner.

I am in the U.S.

Thanks @ericgus. I really hate to be in this position because I have been a cord cutter since 1991 and I love to champion these types of solutions. I really thought Tablo had all the goods. When Sage looked like it was on its way to the Google scrap heap I decided to take the Tablo leap.

I wish Tablo and its community the best. I’m going head on over to the Sage groups and see how I can help with coding on their open source effort.

Sorry I’m in Canada, I doubt it’ll be worth my while with the horrible FX rate right now.

I’m sure you’ll find a buyer, if not eBay it. I purchased my 2nd Tablo used off eBay and it worked fine.

Have you considered other options to replace Roku?

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Why would you want more than 2 Tablos? Flip locally or online for profit?

Nope just for family members cord cutting, one for myself, one for my mother, one for my cousin.

They are a set them and forget them device generally - if they work, they just work.

But I am contemplating getting another dual tuner because I regret not waiting to buy the quad tuner, it was not released yet when I bought the first dual tuner.

More tuners. Also possibly different locations and/or different antenna arrangements. Also, different content, segregation.

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For instance, one for the kids one for the parents. Even with the 4-tuner model we often get Recording Conflicts in my house, especially during Prime-time. Next Tuesday for instance Marvel and DC are competing for the airwaves, so that’s two tuners dedicated to just recording that mess. I’m lucky in that I can pull in around 60 channels from my antenna, but that also means it’s pretty easy to get conflicts, especially if I’m recording reruns.

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