Routers that configure automatically for Tablo Connect Remote Access?

I love my Tablo and the feature that is most important to me is “Tablo Connect Remote Access”. I currently have Centurylink (Florida) as my ISP and, thankfully, on initial setup the router automatically configured to allow Remote Access to work. I am not technically inclined and the idea of having to manually configure a router is something that I do not ever want to attempt. I am thinking of switching to Comcast as my ISP in order to have higher speeds, but I am hesitating because of fear that their router will require manual configuration for Remote Access to work. Is there a list of routers (that will work with Comcast internet) that automatically configure for Tablo Connect Remote Access? Thank you.

I can personally recommend the TP Link Archer C7… it’s reasonably priced, is fast enough for Tablo streaming, auto configures Tablo’s ports for remote access, and even supports address reservation, which always provides Tablo with the same IP address.

Thank you for the recommendation! Regards.

The Comcast modem the ISP will give you likely has built in router and WiFi capabilities, so there’s no need to buy a new router just for Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing).

If you can’t forward the ports properly, just open a support ticket, they will walk you through the configuration.

But I do recommend the Archer C7, if you’re trying to improve your WiFi signals, etc.

Thank you for the advice - I’ve not yet explored the Comcast offering to know whether the modem and router are integrated or not. Useful information. Thanks!

If you’re leasing your modem from your ISP, you might want to consider returning it and replacing it with your own. They can generally be purchased for under $100 and will pay for themselves in about a year. after that, it’s essentially free.

Also, I like to keep the modem and router separate, because router technology generally advances at a faster rate, and you can usually get a better feature set with a standalone router.

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That’s good advice - I always prefer owning the equipment vs. leasing due to, as you said, long term financial advantage plus the ability to upgrade / modernize as I see fit. The logic of having separate modem and router also makes sense. Thanks!