Router WIFI connection won't work.. (fixed)

We, as recent Tablo users were having a great difficulty in getting the various Apps on several different hosts to connect to our Tablo via WIFI.
That included Firestick, AppleTV, PC Tablo app, iPad app, etc.
If you brought up any of those host devices and activated the Tablo App, the app would say “unable to connect”…
So as an experiment, we hooked up the PC via an ethernet cable directly to the router…
BTW, the router is a LInksys EA8500, which is an AC1900 capable router.
Well, lo and behold, the Laptop PC Tablo app was able to connect to the Tablo instantly.
So we knew there was something about the wifi network that the Tablo didn’t like.

As another experiment, we changed the WIFI personality mode on the router from “Mixed” to “N-Only”… In "Mixed mode, the router wifi does both “B” and “N”. And we did this for both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz accesses.

Additionally, we enabled “Prioritization” on the media page and put Firestick, Tablo, and AppleTV in the priority queue.

These actions completely cured our connectivity issues. All devices can now connect instantly and fully use the Tablo with their native apps.

Wonder if anyone else has run into this…