Router Optimization - Roku User

I am experiencing exceptionally good performance today from my Tablo and Network configuration. I am able to play recordings with few if any “Loading…Please Wait”. messages. Perhaps my system description below may help others.

Tablo - 4-tuner with 2.2.6 firmware wired to 10/100 switch wired to Netgear DGND3700V2 DSL modem/router.

Tablo was reset to Factory after 2.2.6 firmware update and hard drive was reformatted.

Recording quality - maximum 1080 at 10 mbps , 720 at 60fps

Test media player - Roku stick with older 6.2 firmware on wireless 5GHZ setting (I also have a wired Roku 4 but wanted to test with the weakest link).

Basically I have disabled any Router setting which might tend to slow down performance. Use at your own risk. Your performance may vary.

Disabled PortScan and Dos Protection
Disabled SIP ALG
Disabled WMM
Disabled Qos
Disabled Bandwidth Control
Disabled Keyword Blocking
Disabled Firewall
Disabled logging
Disabled Wireless Repeating Function
Disabled Dynamic DNS Service
Disabled Static Routes
Disabled Remote Management
Disabled Traffic Meter

Note: in some cases Disabled means Did Not Enable, as some functions were not enabled by default.

No, I did not do any tests by Enabling some features and seeing what effect it had on my system. I just did not see the point in enabling them and felt by not doing so would improve thru-put. As I said before, your mileage may vary.

Good luck to all.