Router for Tablo with Roku

Anyone have a recommendation for a wireless router to use with a Tablo 4 using Roku streaming sticks? Having loading problems when using Tablo with 2nd TV and sometimes with the primary TV. Running both TVs/Roku’s through wifi.

Supply more data for help: Model of current router, roku models, distance from router to each tv etc

This might be related to a known issue with Roku firmware and Tablo. Probably best if you provide more info.

And how many wireless devices will be on the network. Bandwidth? How many devices will be streaming at once?

If you are just looking for general advice on a good wireless router, I have seen a lot of people on this forum recommend the TP Link Archer C7. I have the TP Link Archer C9 ($20 more than the C7) and it works great. I bought the C9 because it fits better with my decor! I know, this is lame, or is it vain . . .?

I don’t think it’s vain at all. Thank you for your advise…

Are you in Canada or the US? Staples Canada has a good deal on the D-Link DIR-880L - I’ve bought 2 for different locations, work great.

Not to poo poo the DIR-880L, but that is the router I took out when I put in the TP Link Archer C9. Not a lot of difference, but, I do seem to get higher throughput with the C9 (but I don’t have much empirical evidence to back that up).

I liked the DIR-880L, so I put it in the basement at the other end of the house as a wireless access point. Now I get good wireless everywhere in my house.

FWIW - I think both of these routers are pretty good.