Router Channel Setting

I am using a new net gear router to stream PlayStation Vue. Because I was seeing pausing quite a bit, I decided to physically set the channel instead of leaving it on auto. Could this be the reason my Tablo now keeps have network connection issues?

It could be part of the problem; is this particular channel crowded? Does your router give you any feedback on this?

Setting your own channel can work great but before you do it you should do a site survey to make sure that channel isn’t crowded. Typically I like to use 1, 6, or 11 so the channels are spaced pretty well. Whenever possible I connect devices directly via ethernet. Particularly devices like the Tablo that could potentially use a lot of bandwidth given it allows multi user access. A Tablo could even use more bandwidth then streaming high definition video due to the extremely high quality of recordings.

Type “Site survey” into the app store / Google Play to find an app to do the site survey.

Edit: WiFiman is a really nice app for this. Also if possible use a dual band router so you can utilize both 5.8ghz and 2.4ghz. Put your Tablo on one band and your PlayStation ont the other.

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I had a bit of pausing (max resolution), so I set my channel directly (36 iirc). That, and I prioritized the FireTV in the router settings that I was streaming the Tablo to. Either one or both in my case, cleared things up. I won’t say I never get a pause, but it’s pretty rare now.

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