Roku XD/S 2100 support

Hi all-

New user here, I have been trying to get the Tablo app on my Roku XDS to work but no luck. I’ve read several posts that seem to indicate this old Roku just isn’t going to work, but I haven’t been able to confirm if that’s still the case or has Tablo been able to get it working? I’m getting the same thing others reported, I can open the app but as soon as I select an option I get kicked out to the Roku home screen. I’ve gone as far as a factory reset on the Roku but still won’t work. I have seen that some users had luck going through Plex, is that still the final solution?


Which Tablo channel are you trying?

The original channel in the Channel Store?

Or the new Preview channel which is a private channel?

I’ve tried both, the Preview channel won’t even show up (I have a Roku stick as well that shows the Preview channel, so I know I set it up right), so I was just trying to use the regular app.


Try hardwiring if you haven’t already. Also, is it on an HDMI connection? Please feel free to send us a note directly. We’re happy to work with you to get things running.

Haven’t tried hardwire yet. Using HDMI connection to the TV. I’ll probably have to wait until the weekend to test the hardwire out as I don’t have cabling. I do have a couple of powerline adapters, but I’ll have to ‘borrow’ one for testing.