Roku VS Amazon Sync

My Roku devices seen to always be ready, yet my Amazon always take minutes to sync. Is there a way to make the Amazon work as fast as the Roku

Use the preview app (?)

Thanks, I will see if I can find that app. Usually the shows that I have recorded do not show up in recording until sync has finished. We get 60 or so stations from Elmira, Scranton & Binghamton so sync takes a while. We try to watch on our Rokus’s so we don’t have to wait

Just search for Tablo and pick the one that says PREVIEW.

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Nice, but I don’t see how this is going to stop the long sync times with my four Amazon devices

Pretty sure it works like the Roku app in that it doesn’t do the whole syncing thing.

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You are correct. Great preview-tablo is a great app. Thank you so much.

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