Roku Update

Just noticed the Roku update tonight. Good work so far. Fixed the little white blip on the splash screen background to grey and Live TV updates automatically now when exiting a channel. Is there going to be a release notes post?

With the latest update for Roku last night, ( if you haven’t received it on Roku manual check for updates ), it seems like some minor fixes and feature requests were implemented. Can we please get the 30 sec skip many have been requesting sooner than later?

Love that the Roku updates are coming faster.  I still have the problem when watching live TV and you skip back after about 10 seconds the Loading Please Wait screen pops up with the blue bar about 1/3 filled.  You have to skip forward a few times and press OK to get it to go again.  Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?  Only happens on Live TV not recorded shows.

Hi guys - Our new Roku dev is working through the list as fast as possible. We’ll be making lots of updates and solving these lingering issues over the next few months. Thanks for your patience! 

I would suggest if you haven’t already to place a support ticket on these issues so that they can be tracked in our support system. 

@guck11 I just did a manual check again this afternoon and no updates.

I’m at 5.5.415

Is there a newer build and if so, what is the number?


@snzkickin, guck11 is referring to the new Tablo Channel update to the Roku.   5.5.415 is the latest Roku build number.

By now, your Tablo channel should be updated.  It has a new logo (that actually has the work Tablo on it) as well as a new color scheme.

@snzkickin snowcat is right. The new Roku version is 1.2 build 0. There was an update when firmware 2.1.16 came out. The new update Friday had a minor fix to the background color on the splash screen and also updates Live TV list when exiting a Live stream. Before we had to go out and back in to see the list refresh.

@snowcat @guck11 - Thanks!