Roku Update,

Just updated the Roku to new version went to watch live tv and it did not work. Got an unknown error. So I went to my browser, it did not work. Then I went to the iPad, it did not work. Had to unplug and replug. When it came back everything worked. At first I thought it was the Roku update… But why would it do that???

I updated both my Rokus yesterday to the new firmware, and it didn’t affect my Tablo at all.  It was probably just a strange coincidence for you.

I’m new to Tablo.  Tablo could not be seen by new installs of the Roku app without rebooting the Tablo.  Even so, I can only watch so many minutes before I get a “Loading” message and an eventual message saying it cannot connect to the Tablo.  However the Tablo is on the network and I can ping it and Tablo throuigh the web browser app seems to work ok.

My Tablo is wired.

I think the Roku app is messed up.

Since Tablo is very closed it’s impossible to troubleshoot it.

I’m starting to regret my purchase.  I think Tablo has great potential, but too many (bad) bugs right now.  Hoping and praying things get better…

Yeah, I’m a little nervous about the whole thing.  I’ve ordered a 4 tuner (based on all the good reviews), but it hasn’t arrived yet.  Now, I’m seeing more problems being posted.  I understand an occasional glitch, but if I want constant problems, I’ll just stick with Windows Media Center.  Time will tell, and I’ll post back with my results (positive or negative). 

Fingers crossed!

@VegasSteve - WRT, “…I’m a little nervous…”

As one of the few reporting issues, I can tell you that I don’t regret my purchase. Indeed, I purchased a second when the 4-tuner was available for pre-order.

Nuvyyo just started shipping Tablos three months ago. If one ships enough units, there are bound to be some issues. What one needs to look for is evidence that issues will be addressed and the platform will continue to be enhanced. Look around the forum, it’s quite obvious that Nuvyyo is completely behind the Tablo.

If you are looking to waste your money on an unsupported product, may I recommend SimpleTV.

@VegasSteve yea, I have had a couple of very minor issues on this “new” product. But, overall I am very happy and looking forward to getting the 4 tuner when my wife allows me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been having issues getting Tablo to work.  I posted my issues (titled “so far, not so good”), but am hoping a replacement box will do the trick.  I think Tablo is a reasonably priced whole home solution and in a world filled with soulless giant corporations, I would love to see a start-up succeed!