Roku update being pushed out tonight

Haven’t tried it yet, and hoping it doesn’t mess up what’s been a very stable platform for me for months now. It’s the only thing changing tho, so if all of a sudden I start experiencing Tablo issues on my Roku, I’ll know what caused it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens as y’all get the update. Unfortunately, no way to stop it.

Do you mean a Roku firmware update or a Tablo Roku update?

I just updated one of my Rokus and I tried a couple of recordings and I really didn’t see any difference from the old version. So at first glance it looks like they did not break anything.:slightly_smiling:

It’s a Roku firmware update.

I’ll probably update it myself unless it updated overnight. Keeping my fingers crossed.

roku 3, 4200. It didn’t appear as an auto install. My roku 3 has had 3 freezes where the roku finally reboots in the last 2 weeks. Roku checks for updates on the reboot. Yesterday after the last reboot, I manually checked again. This was about 3 minutes after the Roku menu indicated it had checked.

It received/installed version 7.1.0 build 4062-04

See this thread on the Roku forum (it was posted by one of the Roku Admins). It says that the firmware update (7.1) is only available for manual update for about 24 hours (posted yesterday 4/5) - so if you miss the window you’ll have to wait for the normal Roku firmware update process.

Interesting… most things seem to be working, but looks like the Roku update broke Pluto TV… it no longer fills the screen. Haven’t tried everything yet, but Tablo seems unaffected by the update so far.

Those folks at Pluto TV are very responsive… they pushed out an update today that fixed the issue I had with my Roku. As far as I can tell, the latest Roku update works well, and more importantly, didn’t break any of the Tablo functionality. I’ve watched live TV and several recorded programs, all without issue.

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