Roku Universal Search

Tablo is not showing up on my Roku Universal Search. 

I have Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. The purpose for buying the Tablo was to get the content we could not get on the other three (one of the reasons Tablo is so great). However, when I do a universal search Tablo does not show up at all. 

This feature would really cut down on the time it took to decide what to record and what I already have available on my streaming services.

Thanks for the great Tech. I love it so far!

Considering the Tablo is still a private channel on Roku, this likely won’t happen for a long time, if ever.  I am sure every Roku app would love to be part of this.  (though it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask).  

At least Roku’s search isn’t as bad as the one on the Amazon Fire.  That just does Amazon content.  

The more units we sell, the more appealing we are as a partner to these big companies. Hopefully as we grow we can get some of the perks of being buddies with the even bigger guys.

I asked this same question of Plex and one of their developers explained that it cannot happen due to the way the Roku Universal Search is implemented.  Basically, the searches are not run locally on your network.  They are run by Roku servers and Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, et al have provided Roku with a list of what they have in their library (over simplification of the process to be sure).  So, for Universal Search to with my personal Plex library I would need to give the Roku servers a listing of what was in my personal library.