Roku unable to connect to Tablo

I have a 4 tuner Tablo, connected to my home network via wired ethernet. I have a Roku3 in the living room that has been successfully playing content from the Tablo with no issues for the last couple of weeks.

Today I added a Roku4 to the basement. This Roku4 can access my Plex server and stream netflix with no problems, but it is unable to connect to the Tablo. On the “Connect to Tablo” screen it shows a button labeled “tablo-quad”, but pressing OK just results in an “unable to connect message”.

Connecting to the Tablo from the Roku3 and from my Android device work fine. The Tablo is running firmware 2.2.8.

I have already rebooted Tablo, router, and Roku several times with no help.

Any ideas?

Is the Roku 4 showing up in the device table on the router homepage?

Yes, it was.

Actually, decided to reboot everything one more time and it connected. Not sure what was different. So looks like I’m good to go.

Good, glad to hear that. Enjoy your Tablo!!