Roku thumbnails

There are no thumbnails when you ff or rew.

Is this normal or a problem with my roku

You didn’t say which model of roku. But roku OS 12.0 and 12.5 tend to suck gas on underpowered Roku’s. Works on my 4660 but not 4200 or 4210.

Thanks, roku 3. It’s old. Maybe 4 years 4230xl

A roku 3 is a 4200 which I have. It’s a 2013 model and too old for FF to work. Single step right d-pad seems to show thumbnails most of the time. everything else works.

And strangely it works for legacy and gen 4. And the gen 4 app seems to be a pig.

My 4660 uktra works great buy I haven’t done much with my 4802 ultra

Thanks. I tried a few things and found that if I press the pause and then press the right left purple button it shoe the thumb nails and advanced a few frames

Thanks for your help