Roku & Tablo required to be on same network?

Curious if the Roku “HAS” to be on the same network as the Tablo, or better yet in the same building?

I get NO reception in my area and wondering if I can locate the Tablo closer to the towers at a friends house and do everything remote on my Roku, PC & iOS devices on different remote networks ?

The Tablo has a feature called “Tablo Connect”.   It allows a user to use a Tablo on a remote network, like you described.  

At your friend’s house, you would have to install the Tablo on that person’s network.  Then you would have to make sure that all the port forwarding was working on that network.  Finally, you would have to bring your PC and ios devices to your friend’s house, connect to that network, and connect to the Tablo at least once on that network.

Once you have done all that, you can go back to your home and use the Tablo remotely.

1. Rokus do not work remotely.
2. If your friend doesn’t have at least 5 Mbps upload (not download) speeds, you will have to reduce the bandwidth used for Tablo Connect.  This also uses a tuner.  
3. You have to “pair” your devices on the home network.  So if you have a desktop PC, unless you physically bring it to your friend’s house, it won’t work.
4. There is no remote reset functionality.  So if you ever need the Tablo rebooted, you will have to call your friend up to do it.