Roku / Tablo hybrid

I would love a Tablo / Roku hybrid (using the Roku 4k reference design).  The awesome DVR capabilities of the Tablo merged with the IU and direct HDMI connection of the Roku, plus all the available streaming apps.  Such a device would also eliminate buffering/lag due to network streaming when displaying on the Roku, but still allow current streaming behavior to other devices/tablets/phones.

I know I’m dreaming…

Only would work for a few though.  Because where you have an antenna run could be far from where (apparently) your ONE and only TV is.  Do you see?   I think it would have very limited value (for most).  Keep dreaming, but this IMHO is the wrong dream… :slight_smile:

See this thread, this may be what you’re looking for. I prefer the Tablo bc of Rok support and built in mobile support.

Yeah, essentially I want an OTA DVR with direct HDMI connection…like the Tivo OTA…but not the Tivo OTA.  Tivo has dated hardware, ugly UI, and insanely expensive subscription costs.  Also, their app support (e.g., Netflix, Amazon, etc.) is quite poor in both quality and quantity.

I like my Tablo a lot from a feature perspective, but dislike the syncing, buffering and lag (such as when skipping ahead).  Any other ways to solve that besides direct HDMI connection?

If you want a single device (non streaming) solution, things like Tivo and others are a closer fit.  You may want to look at those.  Eventually, I’ll have a home made offering as well (my plate is very full though).