Roku/Tablo disconnects in bedroom, not elsewhere

Hello fellow Tablo-ers,

I have a problem that I can’t figure out. I have a two tuner Tablo (wired ethernet and fixed IP and on the 2.2.12 firmware) and 3 Roku stick devices on TVs in the house. My house is a condo with people above me and next to my bedroom for reference as this might be a factor. One of my Roku devices is in the living room and works with the Tablo flawlessly. We watch many shows on this device with no issues. The Roku in the bedroom is the problem. While watching the late local news, the Roku freezes and disconnects from the Tablo, sometimes coming back right away but not having all of the programs available and sometimes coming back with a screen not finding any Tablo. I swapped Roku’s and the problem is the same. I even rebooted the Tablo but the issue is the same. I also changed the HDMI of the Roku figuring it might be interference but that did not help. Any ideas out there?
I figure the issue is with the Roku but thought others might have seen something like this and come up with a solution. My next thought would be to add a repeater to possibly over power whatever is interfering with the Roku.

I have Roku 3’s with no problems on my WiFi, however it’s the el-cheapo Arris from ATT. With that said, people with more expensive dual-band and possible other kinds of setups are reporting issues that they believe are associated with the private WiFI remote of the Roku 3. Not sure if anyone has published a definitive discourse on the matter, just something I keep reading.

I can’t offer any help/advice about Roku’s, I use Fire TV devices, but…

It sounds like it could be a wifi network issue. Where is your router? If the problematic Roku is the furthest from the router &/or has the most obstructions between, it could be you need a better router &/or a range extender.

@poohdog When the Roku disconnects, does the app crash? Do you just get a ‘connecting…’ spinner all of a sudden? Or are you kicked out of video, back to the main Tablo app menu?

Thanks @cjcox for responding. I saw those two but I do not think that was it (I solved this or at least I think I did) as the other two work flawlessly.

Thanks @rccolts. I think that was it. A repeater seems to have stabilized the Roku.

@TabloSupport I got a variety of errors from a screen that said “Unknown error” to spinning to going back to the episode screen to going to searching for Tablos. I think I am good now as I added a repeater in the bedroom and the issue has gone away for now.
Thanks for responding.

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